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The Specification of Canon Printers And The Types of Computer Printers

Canon Support is the product of Canon for using with the computer. Canon makes profitable products and one is Canon printer. There are various types of products available in the market. Canon printer performs a good work and printing the page quickly. It connects very easily with the computer.  


Canon printer is one of the important names when it comes to printers. If you use one of the Canon printers. After this process, you will enjoy the Canon printer for working. Now I am going to tell about some information of canon printers. There are mainly three types of printers which are available for working at the office. It depends on the work that we want to take the printers.  

1.  Inkjet printers – Inkjet printer is one  of the most common type of computer printers. There are some cheap printers available in stores are inkjet printers. The best quality color inkjet printers can be the most expensive and there are seeing endless varieties in between. The inkjet printers will place the image on a piece of paper by spray tiny droplets of liquid ink directly against the paper. The ink tends is an aqueous mixture .This mixture makes of water , glycol and dye or pigments. Ink cartridge will remove and replace with some printers using only one cartridge is available for all inks. The inkjet printers use separate cartridge for each colour (black, yellow, magenta , typically cyan). The most inkjet printers lean to have a resolution of 300 DPI.


2.  Laser printers – The laser printer is toner-based. It is also the other different type of computer printers. The laser printers use a laser beam to produce an image on a drum. It is attract powered toner to the paper to form an image. The laser printers lean to make crisp black & white prints very quickly and accurate , especially text. The resolution of laser printers can be higher than the inkjet printers .  

3.  Dot matrix printer- The dot matrix printers continue to utilized in small businesses due to its rugged stability and low cost for using. Images are also applied to paper by a print head. It strikes the paper throughout a ribbon embedded with ink. It is an old fashion type writer. The paper used in dot matrix printers lean to come with removable edges that are perforated with a line of a small hole. These holes are used to advance the paper as it prints. The dot matrix printers are noisy and not nearly as fast as the other printers.  

 If you don't know how to refill ink of Canon Printer Cartridge, just contact at Canon Customer Service Number.